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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

going to church

Who goes to church these days? The obvious answer is those who believe, but what kinds of people are these? At a previous church I was minister of, one of my members worked with 2 women in their 20s who were curious about Christianity and wanted to start going to church. she talked to me about this and we put the young women in touch with a local Vineyard church. You see, our chapel was small, older, fairly middle class and highly traditional and conventional. The 2 young women were recovering drug addicts, single parents, into music I had never heard of and had masses of piercings and tattoos. If we had brought them to our chapel there would have been no-one who had had experiences like theirs and no-one even of their age group or interests.

2 questions - are peer groups as important as we felt they were?  Has Methodism become too "respectable"?


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