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These improvements, though welcome, did not of course provide much needed additional accommodation, and once again we put our minds to finding a satisfactory solution to this intractable problem . Both the Church and the Hall are listed buildings and any changes are subject to detailed scrutiny by several outside bodies. It is sometimes difficult for their representatives, who are quite rightly concerned with conservation issues to appreciate that these premises are still heavily used by a active and lively membership, very much involved with the local community.

In addition to Sunday worship, this church accommodates Brownies, Parent and Toddler groups, youth groups and many other fellowship and special interests groups. We have a membership of around 200 and a much bigger community roll. We do not regard this as a museum but as a well fashioned tool for mission and we are determined to go for growth.

In Feburary 1996 after a long period of negotiation we received the the go ahead for a scheme which involved the removal of the porch and stair tower and the construction of an entirely new enterance and crush hall, which we now call the Wesley Hall. From this pleasent assembly area a new wider and easier staircase rises to give access to the balcony. A second staircase diagonally opposite, provides an emergency exit from the gallery and gives better access to the choir balcony.

A new vestry was added for the minister providing much more privacy than before.

Throughout this project care was taken to use materials which harmonised with the original structure. We feel that we have made significant improvements to the premises without losing the unique character of the building.

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