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Major changes were made to the building in 1815 when the walls were raised and a gallery was added, accessed by an internal staircase. This more than doubled the capacity, bringing the total accommodation to about 350. The extended building was re-opened by Rev Richard Reece who became President of the 1816 Conference.

Extracts taken from an old document relating to this work make interesting reading. They not only specify the materials to be use, but also added a penalty clause for late completion.

"to carry out work for a new gallery and pulpit, also seven windows, etc., to be finished according to plan with best timber such as is imported from Memmel, Norway or Gottenbro".

"_To commence work on the chapel on the 1st day of May next..... and the whole work to be completed before 25th June next, or forfeit the sum of fifty pounds".

The next change took place in 1873 when a new porch-cum-staircase was grafted onto the Wynd side of the Octagon. This massive structure was constructed in unsympathetic white brick and was aesthetically a disaster.

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